NFT Game art more than 60,000 cards

When the world became uninhabitable, humanity was left with no choice but to flee. To do this, they needed KRYPTON CORES – a rare and powerful element that powers your advanced robotic technology needed to build a foothold for humanity in outer space.

You are humanity’s last hope; with the last supply of KRYPTON CORES, the future of humanity is in your hands. But with only 60,000 cores left, who do you save? Who do you fight?

With no way to create new KRYPTON CORES, the only way to build an army is to maintain and strengthen them with the cores available.

Through technological research and discovery, players and factions can unlock more advanced weaponry and resources that enhance combat abilities.

New planets are ripe for colonisation, with local alien inhabitants who may fight factions or join missions as players exploit their land’s valuable resources to create new possibilities for their KRYPTON ARMY.

With a finite number of KRYPTON CORES, army effectiveness depends on the levels of experimental research each faction conducts.

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