Phase 3: Conflict

The third mission: To Face Conflict

Warring factions and opposed ideologies will eventually create war. When a conflict begins, players may choose which faction to fight with and how they will play: peacefully or aggressively towards other players. PVP Players can initiate or accept

PVP fights with other players and reap the rewards of success…or suffer the consequences of defeat.

Guild Players can also join or create their own guilds. Newly created guilds will present different effects on the players, and guild leaders can implement customized taxation systems for their members.

Gilded players will receive a protection buff, but those who switch guilds will not receive the buff for 30 days as a penalty for breaking their previous treaty.

Raiding, Attacking and Razing Players are free to raid, attack and raze their opponent’s bases at any time and reap the rewards that it may provide. However, players who do this will also receive a treaty breaker status for their aggressive tactic.

** Players in a guild will be protected from raiding, attacking, or razing as long as they have paid their taxes to the guild. The level of protection will depend on soldiers’ status in each guild, together with the tax rate they have agreed to pay.

Status Players who join newly-created guilds will be unable to raid, attack and raze other players in the same guild, but rewards can still be earned by successfully raiding, attacking, or razing the players from other guilds.

​​Newly created guild owners with less than 1,000 members will receive a 150% reward to boost production for all professions.

Remember: Rewards can not be withdrawn from the system until the end of each event. Newly created guild owners with 1,001 to 2,000 members will receive

a 200% reward to boost production for all professions.

Players in newly formed guilds will also receive Limited NFT rewards for each in-game event. These NFTs are non-renewable.

There are two types of attacking. Attacking a player and attacking a guild.

Attack Power and Defense Power will be calculated according to the status of all robots within the guild that designated defenders.

Players who establish a new guild and players who leave the three primary guilds will be unable to farm resources from the previous territory. However, there will be a new pool of resources that will be specifically created for those players instead.

When each event ends, a new planet will be revealed and made available for conquest. Each planet will have predetermined features based on the number of surviving guilds.

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