Phase 1 : Mission one

The first mission: Conquer
The first mission is about conquering new worlds. With an order to seize planets from local alien inhabitants, only players with an existing KRYPTON CORE in their arsenal can join. These will be available for purchase during the early stage of the game launch.
Players are divided into three factions that can each deal damage to alien planets (Dmg Score).
The faction with the highest collective score will be victorious and become the controllers of humanity’s 100 land units, randomly distributed among each player of the winning faction in alignment with that faction’s ideology.
The three factions in KRYPTON: Dawn of Machine are:
TITAN Strength and power dictate civilization. There is no room for losers. The top three players in this faction will receive three percent of the reward, while all others players receive one. The bottom three get nothing.
CHAOS Only the Heavens control human destiny. We follow the path woven by the universe. With complete trust in universal chaos, rewards are distributed randomly among players, regardless of their rankings within.
ASTRAEA History must not repeat itself. Astraea only welcomes those who believe in the fair distribution of resources. Rewards and profits are shared equally among all members. Always.
*Each player will be able to deploy up to 10 KRYPTON bots at a time excluded the robots in the player’s wallets*

Land 100 Unit

The faction with the highest score will be rewarded with control of 100 land units. Land will be distributed among players based on each faction’s founding principles.

How to earn

1.Send krypton army to the first mission: Conquer (Mission one)
Your army that joined the war no matter what side it takes will earn Score & a Alien Part (NFT) each hour based on the status of the army.
Also, the rate of your making dmg will be converted into the score of your side that your army takes. This will affect the conquering of land.
*Get Score & Alien Part (NFT)
2. Miner
All robots have the ability to mine, each with a different status.
At this stage, robots can be sent to explore the available resources in the battlefield, creating a chance to earn a Cube of power (token) for each robot, proportionate to its status. As they are in the heat of battle, they are vulnerable to being attacked by the Aliens.
*Receive Cube of power (token) and Material (NFT)
radar alert
Robot maintenance
All robot units require maintenance. This can be done by using NFT Material type 1, KRYPTON tokenS and Power of Cube (token) on a selected robot.
If a robot is left unmaintained, they are subject to two limitations: Limit 1: The robot may stop working. It must be repaired before being redeployed. Limit 2: The robot will malfunction and stop working permanently. It cannot be deployed.