Phase 2 The second mission

The second mission: Colonization and Civilization Development.

When the battle is complete, each faction can establish a new civilization on the seized planet.

At this point, deployment capacity will rise from 10 to 20 slots, and players will be allowed to produce a second generation KRYPTON Army that is stronger and better functioning.

Enhanced robots will gain four specific functions, including:

EXPLORER (Earn 1x Power of Cube + 1x Material Type 2) Explorers are able to conquer new territories and salvage components from destroyed robots and alien technology to enhance armaments.

MINER (Earn 0.5x Power of Cube + 1.5x Material Type 1) Miners are designed to gather NFTs, which are essential building materials needed for the creation of robots and buildings.

BUILDER (Create NFTs + 1x Tech Level) Builders require NFT Materials Type 1 and Type 2 to construct robots and conduct research.

SOLDIERS AND HOMELAND PROTECTORS (Earn 0.5x Power of cube + NFT Alien Part) As well as invading planets, soldiers are also used to defending both territory and KRYPTON Armies, preventing any alien remnants from damaging the base.

** Players can choose their Robot’s function in their personal account page**

Robot maintenance

All robot units require maintenance. This can be done by using NFT Material type 1, KRYPTON tokenS and Power of Cube (token) on a selected robot.

If a robot is left unmaintained, they are subject to two limitations:

Limit 1: The robot may stop working. It must be repaired before being redeployed.

Limit 2: The robot will malfunction and stop working permanently. It cannot be deployed.

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