Strengths and Ideology of each team

“History must not repeat itself, equity and equality are what we stand for.”
As the world is going to come to an end, starting from the greed of humans. They fight for endless needs but the resource is limited. We learned from history, so our purpose is to use resources sustainably for all of us. Astraea believes in their ideology massively, inviting whoever has the same ideology to create a better new world together.
Outstanding characteristic of Astraea
  • Higher building rate
  • Higher Krypton Army defense
  • Equal reward for everybody (Only Mission one winner rewards)
“The chosen one will prescribe the destiny, belief in the commandments of the universe.”
Science is just a tool, not the truth of the universe. Spiritual and foreknowledge, there is a higher extent than the machine can access. Many billion humans in the old world have gone. In this new world, every human has chosen from the universe to continue the mission. Reveal yourself, and finish the mission from the universe.
Outstanding characteristic of Chaos
  • High success rate of creating equipment from the Alien parts.
  • Explore skills faster and higher.
  • Random rewards for the chosen one.(Only Mission one winner rewards)
“Only power and strength were able to establish a civilized society.
The world of greatness has no room for weakness.” The great vision didn’t happen to every human. The difference and the foolishness is an enemy of human evolution. And authoritarian power is the only solution.
Outstanding characteristic of Titan
  • The success rate of creating a higher-level robot is higher.
  • High attacks power and fast mobilization
  • Reward is a step earned based on the performance of the army (Only Mission one winner rewards)